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BPM-PLUS SRL is a company, successfully operating in Moldova in the field of wholesale and retail trade in cement and rolled metal products. Our company has been able to prove itself as a responsible and reliable partner. The main priorities of our company are high quality products, qualified personnel, as well as flexible approach to the terms and conditions of cooperation. The experience accumulated by BPM-PLUS SRL and strict adherence to the targets set have allowed obtaining the status of official dealer of OJSC Moldova Steel Works and CJSC Rybnitsa Cement Plant in Moldova. The partnership relations with the OJSC Moldova Steel Works and CJSC Rybnitsa Cement Plant allow us to deliver products to our customers in the most efficient and quickest way. Our mutual cooperation is a key to success.
Sales Managers
To order the rolled metal products and cement, please call:
(022) 47 35 19 (022) 42 15 00 (+373) 068 38 95 15 (+373) 069 54 71 76 (+373) 060 68 22 28
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